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I'm being charged for a long distance call each time Nomorobo intercepts a call

I posted this issue last month, but no one from Cox answered me.  I called in and got last month's calls taken off of the bill, and was assured it would not happen again.  I just looked at my last statement online (paperless billing here), and I have 23 charges for Nomorobo intercepts.  I live in Tucson, but when I activated nomorobo I was given a Phoenix number for the simultaneous ring.  Can you either give me a local number for this, or exempt the Phoenix number from the charge?

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  • I had to call last night to get a CSR to cancel the LD charges.  Same thing last month.  This time he told me to call back today and speak to Cox Voice CSR.  They were no help.  I asked to be bumped up to next level CSR.  That person assured me that this was a known issue, it was not just me.  She said people all over the country are having this problem.  She said the simultaneous ring number has nothing to do with the charges, and that I could use my cell phone if I wanted to (instead of the one provided) and it would still work.  Total BS.  I had to explain to her how nomorobo worked (the simultaneous ring is calling them to check the database, and if a known spammer, the call is rejected).  She said I had to get an alternate number from Nomorobo, not Cox.  So I'm still getting no where.  And apparently no one at Cox who knows is reading/responding to this forum either.  I guess I'm just going to cut off my landline and go cellular all the way.