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Nomorobo now available in only a few select Cox markets

Nomorobo now lists Cox as a carrier for their service.  However, I subsequently signed up for Nomorobo only to find out that simultaneous ring is only available in a few select Cox markets.  Any idea when simultaneous ring will be available in the Hampton Roads, VA market?  Thanks.

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  • I have the phone interface inside my house.  There is no box on the side of my house for Cox phone service. 

    The "box" (aka Network Interface Unit, Telephone Network Interface, System Network Interface, Telephone Network Box) has to be outside your house.  It's the demarcation point (dividing line) between you and Cox.  Meaning, Cox is responsible for everything up to and including the interface and you own everything within your house.  If its underground cable gets severed, Cox fixes it; if a wall jack in your house gets damaged, you fix it.

    If it was inside your house, your home wiring would be part of the public switched telephone network.