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Cox, you ***. Can't send email with Windows Live Mail. And look, I'm not the only one...

I just read this forum post from unhappy customers with the same problem I'm having, so I know I'm not going to get any help from Cox here...

Apparently you're happy to promise that your web mail works with Windows Live, but when it doesn't, oh well. I can get Windows Live to receive mail, but it won't send. I get the same kind of error messages everyone else reports.

I followed these instructions for setting up the email client:{a8fb24c0-6440-11df-ccef-000000000000}

I also followed these different instructions:{f808a330-6b56-11e0-4e73-000000000000}

I also tried the Default settings in Windows Live. Nothing.

I used "chat" for help. No help. I called Tech Support. After the lady checked my settings and it still didn't work, she directed me to Super-Duper Tech Support. After waiting on hold for however long, Super-Duper Tech Support said they wouldn't help me, because apparently Super-Duper Tech Support is a paid service. I did the requisite screaming, but the guy still told me to call me local tech support in the morning to complain, then gave me a "local" number that isn't even in my state.


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