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If you have a SB6183 running slower with just 4 channels (seen at you can get full speed and 8 channels back

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Only getting max download of 33 Mbps with new DOCSIS 3 Motorola SB6183 16channel modem and Premier upgrade

It took over a week to get to the right folks in support, but eventually the above forum post, mentioned to the @CoxHelp person I was Twitter DM'ing, made all the difference.

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Hoping this forum post can help avoid some early adopter pains for other Cox customers who bought a SB6183. Let's hope they add the self-install menu option for this modem soon, so that proper provisioning would be painless.

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  • @ChrisL  I'm having the same issue.  Purchased SB6183, new Ultimate customer set up on 12/27/14, only showing 4 downstream channels.  What are the appropriate steps to getting 8 downstream channels via this modem?  Latest modem stats below.  

    Downstream Bonded Channels
    Channel Lock Status Modulation Channel ID Frequency Power SNR Corrected Uncorrectables
    1 Locked QAM256 85 795000000 Hz 0.1 dBmV 40.3 dB 0 0
    2 Locked QAM256 86 801000000 Hz -0.6 dBmV 40.2 dB 0 0
    3 Locked QAM256 87 807000000 Hz -0.7 dBmV 40.2 dB 0 0
    4 Locked QAM256 88 813000000 Hz -1.0 dBmV 40.2 dB 0 0

    Upstream Bonded Channels
    Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power
    1 Locked ATDMA 2 5120 Ksym/sec 26500000 Hz 41.8 dBmV
    2 Locked ATDMA 1 2560 Ksym/sec 21600000 Hz 40.3 dBmV
    3 Locked ATDMA 3 5120 Ksym/sec 33000000 Hz 41.8 dBmV
    4 Locked ATDMA 4 2560 Ksym/sec 37900000 Hz 43.8 dBmV

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