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Register Modem Online


How do I register my modem online? Is there a link?

Thank you

  • The only way to self register is through the webpage that comes up after connecting to modem that is online. Basically any modem that gets online on Cox's cable, but isn't in Cox's system gets redirected to a registry page where you can add your modem with account info. The only other way is to call and have them add it after giving them the model, S/N and MAC address.

  • Health Edge is correct, the only way to do so through our site is if it is a modem not yet registered to a account which will give a Self registration site when you open a browser. We can also register a modem for you as well if you email us at with the Model of the modem, CM/HFC Mac address and the serial number for it with the account's information also.
  • Is there an additional fee for registering another modem? Or is it just for informational purposes related to your account?

  • Hi JSC1106, there is no fee to register a modem. The only actual requirement is that it at least meets the standard for communications, DOCSIS 3.0. Here is a link to our website for additional information:¬†

    We identify equipment on our network using the MAC address. So, we will need the information that EdwardH/Moderator requested. You can reach out to us through Twitter @COXHELP, or Facebook as well.
  • you only need 1 modem on Cox