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Only getting max download of 33 Mbps with new DOCSIS 3 Motorola SB6183 16channel modem and Premier upgrade

I had a very old DOCSIS 2 modem until recently when I received my new DOCSIS 3.0 Motorola SB6183 in the mail.

I was on Preferred Internet and would get 20-25 Mbps reliably and actually got 33 Mbps this am before changing out the modem.

I swapped the modems and called support to activate new modem - I had the rep upgrade me to Premier at that time.

I am still capping at 33 Mbps downloads and about 7 Mbps uploads despite the upgrade.

Could someone check to see if anything can be done on the COX end of things to speed up the connection?


  • When I check internet speed on cox website it still has me listed as Preferred Package although I am listed as Premier Package on view or upgrade services part of website.

    Am I provisioned properly for the new DOCSIS 3 modem?

  • Chiron99,

    It looks like we will need to re-provision the modem to make sure that you're getting the speeds you are supposed to.  I did not want to do so without your knowledge, let us know if it is ok to do that today.
  • yes, this is a good time to attempt to provision the modem again.

    Can you see if I have the proper Premier Service Code on my account for DOCSIS 3.0?

    I ask only because I had an old SB5101 for the last 10+ years on the account until yesterday, and I am sure had the old service code.

    That could be the only issue as I have good signal and bonding on 12 channels down.

  • Here is my current modem status result.

  • Hello Chiron99, 

    Looks like the data has been updated now. Please run a speed test and let us know the results.