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Sending email outside cox service area

I am trying to figure out how to send and receive e-mail through Windows mail, not webmail. The WebMail works fine. I am currently outside of a Cox service area, so the internet supplier I am using at the moment is not Cox. My SMTP setting that previously worked fine will no longer send e-mails. I can receive just fine, but it says "The connection to the server has failed" when attempting to send.

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  • I am writing this from outside the Cox network and got Outlook 2007 sending e-mail from VISTA laptop.  Here is what I changed to get Outlook send e-mail working:

    1) In Outlook | Tools | Account Settings click on account name to change account settings.

    a) Change Incoming mail server to  (was

    b) Change Outgoing mail server to (was

    2) Click More Settings button then Advanced Tab.

    a) Change Incoming server port to 995

    b) Check box "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"

    c) Change Outgoing server port to 465

    d) Change Use the following type of encrypted connection selection to SSL

    3) Click OK button.

    4) Click Test Account Settings button on Change E-Mail Settings window.

    Should get Status of Completed for Log onto mail server and Send test e-mail tests.

    If so then you are good to go!

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