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I can't check my cox webmail or emails!

I use Thunderbird on my PC and also cox mail on my ipad/iphone/imac but last week as of July 10th it stopped working. I can't check it from all these as well as online on cox webmail. I login and it just brings me back to the log in screen or it will bring me to this with a big printed letters saying Oops! We can't find that page!

When I log into my thunderbird it tells me:

Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: mail storage services unavailable, wait a few minutes and try again. Login to server failed.

My iPhone/iPad now tells me: The User name or password for "" is incorrect.

Need help!!

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  • It's only with my email. Logging into the webmail with another username says: You entered either an invalid Username or Password. Please try again or click here for information.

    I don't have any other user names to test it and I didn't change anything with my service or settings. Not sure whats going on with my cox email. Been with Cox for 10+ years and this never happened. Really need my email for work! Contacted cox 3 times and they just keep moving me to higher tiers but nothing.

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