manual port forwarding in Panoramic gateway

I just bounced from Cox Tier 2 support -> Cox Internet Tech Dept -> Cox Complete Care -> Cox Customer Escalation Support and none of them really had a clue. I want to enable remote access to my TabloTV (it's an over the air TV tuner with DVR) via the Tablo app when we are away from home. I did this quite easily with the Netgear modem that we recently replaced with this new Panoramic gateway. But the port forwarding area in the Cox WiFi app is not intuitively set up to do this pairing. I have tried every combination I can think of with no success. I simply want to accomplish this...

Public Port ---> Private Port

21685 ---------> 8887

21684 ---------> 80

If anyone from Cox or a fellow customer has had success, please advise how to do this. Thanks.

  • Resolved. After trying a few other iterations last night, on a whim I unchecked the option in the TabloTV web app for "remote access" then rechecked it. Fixed. "Your Tablo is ready for remote access." Apparently my Tablo account was still looking in the Cox Panoramic for the port manual forwarding commands I had set in my previous Netgear modem. Resetting that must have then triggered automatic port forwarding in the Panoramic gateway. Manual port forwarding in the Panoramic may still be a bone of contention in some scenarios, but not with TabloTV remote access. Clearing that last hiccup, so far I am satisfied with the new white Cox Panoramic gateway. Thank you for your input. My apologies for burning your time with what amounted to a basic "reboot" sort of fix.

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