Cox Upload Speeds and Amazon Device Delays

What is the standard Upload speeds? (I have cox panoramic wifi)

On the speed tests I am running it keeps coming back with upload speeds of less than 1 MBS (like closer to .8MBPS or even less). 

All of my amazon devices are not functioning properly (there are delays or they seem to time out), and when I make submissions on line, forms also time out or give me error messages.  I've unregistered and reconnected the alexa devices and they are still sluggish to respond, or just respond that there is an error when make vocal commands. I've also re-installed windows on my desktop, and that doens't seem to help either.  

My download speeds are seem find, but it just seems like all these problems are due to the upload speed not being high.  Everything was working great up until a couple days ago.  Is there anything else I can try to fix on my own, or is this a tech visit?  Am I correct to think that delayed repsonses or even errors on my Amazon devices are due to slow upload speeds? 

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