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Getting no help from you cox.....

We pay $290 dollars for the most basic service you offer. Basic tv up to 100 MBPS internet and phone, I can't see how you justify these prices. We called to get some bill reduction and you said we could drop $50 dollars a month with a 2 year contract so i guess thats better then nothing. two weeks later we get a email saying your order was cancelled due to error on your part. so no 50 dollar reduction. this kind of ** is how you treat 40 plus years customers? $141 dollars a month for basic cable with no movie channels. I try to get help and you guys keep sending me to this person and that person, I talked to a rep last night for less than 30 seconds before she dropped the call saying she couldn't help. Do you want us to find a new provider? Because you sure don't care about our problems.Wifi speeds today are 0.63 mbps basical unusable. Well im sure me bitching like this is pointless so maybe i should start looking for a new provider after 40 plus years?