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Cable leading to the house

I was on the computer this morning and my husband was watching TV. I heard a pop sound right outside of the window where the cable connects to the house. Does this need to be checked out? They both came back on after a few seconds, but now I have no sound to the computer

  • Sounds like a electrical short. Is the electrical cord leading to your house on the same side as the Cox cable? I would call a electrician. Cox service should have nothing to do with your computer's sound. Hopefully your speakers or computer weren't fried.

  • Fortunately, there is no electricity carried through the Cox Cable. The center wire carries an RF signal, (Like a radio antenna wire), and no electrical current. If you heard a pop, I would consider what other's have said, contact an electrician. It sounds like there was either a short circuit, or a transformer pop, that would have surged electrical current through your home's electrical system, THAT could have damaged computer components as well as other electronics. Also, the Cox Cable doesn't connect to your computer, another facet of this that points away from Cox cable causing you any issues concerning your computer or it's sound.