terrible customer service

cox is what I've had for 21 years. They just updated our modem, mandatory. First thing I noticed was my new printer app changed on my laptop. Now some printer functions don't work. Then I plugged in both external hard drives to find they were wiped out, cleaned. 500 gig drive was full, and 2 Terra had alot on it before. All gone, over 10,000 pictures that were moms and 8,000 pictures of mine, plus other files. Tried to call tech support to help me get them recovered using "cox complete care" which I pay cox for. As usual, they kept switching me around to different operators, having to repeat myself time and time again. Then they disconnected the phone call and made it where I couldn't call them back. I have cox home phone too. Wouldn't even ring. My 18,000+ pictures were not in any recycle bin, couldn't even load a recovery program, the code was not even in the box to start with to do what I know how to do, as far as coding goes. My family pics from 2004 to 2018 all gone. I know they have a problem with me from past disputes.