WHY IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER SO BAD? by far the worst call center experience every time I have to call in.

My free unlimited data promotion ended. I was unaware that it was a part of my plan in the first place. My bill increased by $49.99 for the overage protection, issue is i have never come close to exceeding the limit under the ultimate 500 plan. 

i called in to the call center after a less than impressive conversation with the online chat assistant. I spoke with no less than 10 different reps yesterday in an effort to correct my bill and remove the unlimited data plan. One of the reps advised she would remove the unlimited data plan and it would only be the $69.99 portion of my bill that i have been paying for months and that that promotional rate wouldn't end until September of 2023. 

I logged back in later and my plan was reflecting $84.99 a month. I called upset and requested to speak to a manager only to be told by multiple people that was not an option and they would discount the rate to 74.99. I advised that was not a discount it was a $5 increase and they acted like they were doing me a favor. 

Managers should be made available to field customer complaints/issues like this - not to mention there is nowhere to send complaints via email- seems like a pretty shady process on behalf of Cox. 

I have never experienced such horrible customer service - and its everytime i call in. I could understand a one off occurence but its systemic. 

COX you don't value your customers.