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Does Cox internet think everyone only uses wifi to connect? It is impossible to change the name of my wifi without using the App, which does not work with my ethernet connected desktop computer?

I decided to change my wifi network name and passwords today.  Big mistake.  Once I get the internet gateway page up for the "Cox Panoramic-wifi router" up, I discover that I cannot change the name of my network or its password via my antiquated desk top computer which is connected to the wifi/router via the gateway program. . Oh no, I have to use an APP.  Most of the readers understand that a desktop with windows operating system CANNOT USE APPS.  Try getting that concept through to someone at Cox telephone support!

So apparently, if you have a hard wired (ethernet connected) DESKTOP COMPUTER connected to your "Cox Panoramic WIFI" router, you cannot use it to change your WIFI network name or PASSWORD without using an app and WIFI connection.