Data use spike - no explanation

11 months ago I got an email that Cox was performing service to "improve bandwidth" in the area. Within two weeks, I got a text that I was near exceeding my data use allowance - for the very first time in 3+ years (since moving into house).  No change in behavior, I live alone, changed wifi password, disabled all auto updates.  No solution.  Cox came out, recommended their "super fantastic" panoramic router but could find no explanation why the meter showed nearly double the use.  Escalated to a guy who monitored the use, spent a lot of time trying to help (this was after I reported it to the FCC, so...) and discounted the overages.  After a few months (January-ish), recorded usage leveled off to normal.  Fast forward to this July, the data spike is back and I was charged $50 extra in that month for data. Nothing has changed in my use, in fact I have literally started turning off wifi on all devices not actively in use and powering them down.  I feel like I am living in the stone age here, this isn't honest recording of usage and charges when I KNOW what I use and have implemented every potential solution I could get my hands on.  A call to Cox reveals that all they can see is that it's "streaming" (which I can see for myself, thanks), but not what device.  So it seems the super fantastic router I pay for every month is no better than the top-rated one I had before they leased me theirs as a superior solution.  Anyway - if anyone has a similar experience or suggestions, I'm all ears.  I've read old posts where others had the same issue but there never as a solution past change your wifi password. 

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