Can't get or send emails from using Thunderbird

Have been using my email with Thunderbird for years on a Windows 10 PC, also with 2 ipads, Win 10 laptop and 2 iphones.  Cannot get or send emails from my on any device.  Desktop Error message:  (uses "Enter your password.  Sending of password for use did not succeed.  Mail server responded Authentication Failed."  

Ipad or Iphone error message (uses  "Account Error, No password provided for Cox.  please go to Mail Account settings and enter a password."

I have triple checked my passwords, all are accurate.  I CAN get and send emails from the website, but on NONE of my devices.

Any ideas?  Thunderbird and all devices are up to date.

Whenever this happened in the past, it would mysteriously clear up in a day.  Not this time!!! I have searched the internet.  HELP!

Thanks for your help!

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  • I had the same problem using Thunderbird and MailWasher.  Cox tech support was able to help me correct the problem.  What worked for me was signing into Cox.  Then changing my password to a new one.  Starting Thunderbird and when it said it could connect,  I changed my password to the one I had just created.  Same thing with MailWasher