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constant repeating internet problems since moving to new house

every day since I moved in to my new house (4 weeks ago)  the internet has been going up and down. starting between 6am and 8am with most mornings at just after 7am.

then for most off the day my cable modem has this error message No Ranging Response received or Unicast Ranging Received Abort Response.

I have monitored this for several days using star trinity CST constant ping. the problem seems to get better around 11am ish. then picks up again around 3pm and continues getting worse till it suddenly clears up around 8pm. it will then be perfect all night long where it repeats again the next morning.

my signal was -18dbmV without a booster (when I moved in). with a booster it was -3dbmV.

The equipment I have was the same at my old house (booster included) which had no problems. I have contacted tech support (worthless) all they say is that it must be my equipment. When I finally got a tech to come out he was super friendly and enthusiastic but obviously was just trying to get away. he replaced a splitter that he claimed was supposed to be powered (but wasn't). he removed my signal booster and the signal went to between -4dbmV and -2dbmV.

the cable modem was connecting on the 429mhz band before he came out, now it is on 900mhz. the signal still wavers between -3dbmV and -2dbmV

I later removed the splitter he put on because it was not needed, the other connections that were on it I am not using. the signal went up another 1dbmV.

I need someone to look in to this in our neighborhood and own the issue. If it ends up that somehow in moving my cable modem and other equipment to the new house something went kablooey fine but I have no spare modems to just casually swap out. unfortunately I have not been able to march up and down the street asking my neighbors if they have a problem. but then I should not have to.