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$200 charge for not returning the equipment

I have requested for cancellation of the service on January 3rd, and it was successfully cancelled without further instructions. I moved out of the apartment and moved out of state on January 4th. Then on January 5th, I was notified to return the equipment or I will be charged $200… thanks for letting me know ahead of time Cox. Will never use your service again.

FYI, the equipment was already preallocated when i moved in, so i assumed i didn’t need to return the equipment.

  • Preallocated?  Before you moved into your previous apartment, the Internet modem or cable-box was already installed?  Cox should have sent you an equipment-transfer type of letter with instructions to return it.  Apparently, Cox issued the device to somebody, didn't get it back and then...unbeknownst to you...assigned its responsibility/accountability to you.  It seems sloppy and Cox should have notified you.

    I wonder how many previous residents had to pay this $200?

  • What you could do...and it’d be cheaper than $ called your previous landlord to secure the device and to either call a tech or return it to a Solution Store for you.  The landlord may feel deterred but you could probably make it worthwhile. If you do this, help the landlord by reseaching the telephone number and address.