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Horrible upload speeds and not so great download

For the last 2 weeks, every other night my upload speeds are usually around 0.10 at the best. Making it near impossible to use the internet and impossible for any gaming. I know its not on my end as I have rest the modem a bunch, called cox support a bunch and had it reset there, and all the other typical things you do here. Besides that the first night it started cox did admit there where issues in my area and they where "Fixed".  It was "fixed" for about 2 days at most and now its back to the same issues. I am taking really late at night so I doubt its from over usages/too many people using the net around here.  I live in front of a junction box, I guess you call it, where the issues might be. 

Sure enough the speeds became better during the day. That's confusing. usually better at night causes of less people on and worse during the day. Think cox needs to check out the local junction box or something. Definitely not my PC or my modem. Better not be like this again tonight though.

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