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Why the bill increase for January?

Received my bill statement today only to find it had an increased rate from every month I had paid previously. The bill explanation mentioned that it might be different and to check news from Cox or the Bill Messenger Center for details but I can’t find any explanation anywhere. No I’m not on some discount, new customer plan before anyone asks.

Can someone explain this to me or link me to an actual explanation?

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  • I checked my bill and its cost-of-service is the same as my previous.

    If you have an increase, it may be due to your state, county or city imposing or increasing a tax, fee or surcharge for Cox to provide service in your state, county or city.

    You could compare these keywords...

    County Sales Tax
    State and Local Communications Services Tax
    State Excise Tax
    State Sales Tax
    State Telecom Surcharge
    State Universal Service Fee
    State Universal Service Fund
    Interstate Tax Surcharge
    Gross Receipts Tax Surcharge
    TV Communications Sales Tax

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