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Internet drops randomly and frequently

So for a while now i’ve had random drops in internet while gaming at night which wasn’t too bad. however, starting about 2 weeks ago these drops are happening throughout the entire day and effecting everything connected to the internet whether it’s hard wired or wireless. i’ve had 2 separate techs come out (one just left about an hour ago because we thought the problem was resolved). the first one changed the modem 3 times and it worked for about 2 hours. the second one changed all the fittings on our coaxial lines and that gave us better speeds so we assumed it worked. but the problem is happening again. everything loses signal and the tv’s begin to freeze until it’s back. the light on the modem also stays white like if everything is working fine. i don’t know where else to go from here.

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  • This sounds like it could packet loss unless you're really using up all of your bandwidth.

    Since your modem seems to think it's still connected when you get drops try running a test with a utility that can give you packet loss stats.

    There's a ton out there. I've been using mtr and PingPlotter Free.

    Slower speeds aren't really a great indicator of connectivity. You will see varying speeds if you're actively using your connection or are doing a speed test to servers that won't keep up or aren't a Cox to Cox connection. If it's consistently slow without packet loss and you're not actively using your bandwidth it might be a capacity issue which Cox should in my opinion increase for your area.

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