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Microsoft Outlook Account - IMAP on PC, POP on Android Phone - Should they both be IMAP?

I have a software contract with Dell, and I have just had an e-mail problem resolved through them.  My laptop e-mail accounts, although "" are set up through Microsoft Outlook.  At the moment, both my Cox e-mail accounts on the laptop are IMAP/SMTP.  However, on my Android phone, one of them is still POP3.  Can I safely change the settings on the Android phone to IMAP on the e-mail account with both formats from POP3 to IMAP without messing things up?

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  • I think I may have figured this out by myself.  On my Pixel 3 the email account icons were looking rather strange.  After spending all the time with Dell, I decided to delete the account on the phone that was POP3 and then add the account back using IMAP.  Works just fine, and the odd account icons disappeared.  Maybe Microsoft made some changes to Outlook, I have no idea what the glitch was, but hopefully I be at peace that the formerly dual formatted email account is now working fine as an IMAP account on both PC and phone.  I will cross my fingers.