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WIFI and e-Reader

I have a NOOK e-Reader. Last week it suddenly disconnected from my WIFI & wouldn't re-connect. I'd had it for a number of years. I bought a new one. It will not connect to my WIFI. I was online with Cox for over an hour trying to fix the problem. They reset my modem. Didn't help. They gave me a new SSID & password. It didn't work. I contacted Barnes and Noble, explained the problem to them. They had no answers. But since my new e-Reader was under warranty, they said they'd send me a new one at no charge. It arrived today. It won't connect to my WIFI. Three devices, none will connect. Seems to me something is wrong with the WIFI, not the e-Reader. Anyone else encounter this? Anyone have any ideas? I'm beyond angry considering all the time I've wasted online and on the phone trying to get this fixed.