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20 GB of data a day when I'm not home

Is Cox internet usage accurate? I read that 20 GB of data is 240 hrs of video streaming. How is it possible that I have used 20 GB of data in one day when i wasn't even home?

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  • 20 GB of data is 240 hrs of video streaming

    You're mixing speed and storage.  A constant 25 Mbps (megabit...not megabyte) of data would be about 10 hours for 21 gigabits.

    20 gigabytes of data, however, could be a couple HD movies.

    6 gigabytes is 1 HD movie.  (Nothing fancy just "standard" HD)
    20 gigabytes of HD movies would be about 3 HD movies.

    I've read on the Forum updates for video consoles are quite huge…perhaps 20 GB.  A gamer would need to confirm.

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