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I've noticed in the last 5 months or so Cox throttles their internet at certain hours. Unfortunately like most they are the only "reliable" Internet service in the area. As of today while paying $105 for gigablast I'm only getting about 250 download and 0 upload. Instead of paying the $75 dollars for a truck to show up, I opted into $5 extra a month for "protection." I'm hoping they read these threads and hope someone in the company has a soul and fixes the problem. Probably not they are getting there money and laughing. Normally when these problems arise I contact support and tell them they are throttling me. It magically fixes its self, and assure me they do not throttle. Yeah bs. Probably not much help but a rant... So when this Tech shows up tomorrow to fix THEIR problem I'm paying them to fix we will see. As I speak my internet is better. Of course until tonight. COX READ THIS! 

  • Just curious - are you in Metairie, LA? I have been having similar issues since service was restored after Hurricane Ida. Upload speeds periodically drop to nearly 0. I have checked the modem, and the levels (upstream and downstream) as well as the SNR always look good.

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