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Modem levels bad ?

Can anyone throw me a bone ? Im not sure what to reference as far as levels go for my modem. Uploaded an image Modem power levels. i took this screen shot during a brief "outage" in Las Vegas nevada, earlier today.

I did the smart help and as always "cant fidn anything wrong with your equipment.... reset your modem" anyways any help is appreciated.

  • EDIT: I just noticed you said you took this screenshot during an outage. Don't test during an outage. You're guaranteed to see problems. Reset the modem, wait 24 hours, and post the signals when there is no outage.

    Downstream signals are pretty good, but way too many uncorrectables. That's not normal. Upstream has major problems. Only 2 channels bonded. And too much variation between lowest power and highest power (I think they call that "tilt"). There's an issue either with your on-premises wiring/equipment or with the Cox plant. It could be a problem with your modem but problems with the modem are quite rare.

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