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giga bust

After years of cox service, I upgraded to the “gigablast” plan.  What we have so far is a 350 Mbps time.That’s about a third the promised time. 
We upgraded our service to the giga blast a couple of weeks ago. Even though our house is small, there wasn't much of an improvement over our previous plan. So I purchased an extra pod for the “gateway”. Result: zilch, same time or worse, roughly one third of the time advertised. So now I’m paying more and getting less. Nice.
What's even better is that there is nobody one can complain to in writing. Nothing on the website. I saw a post from a moderator (I think) on this forum in reply to a frustrated user that gave an email address for support, but when we tried writing to that address, our email program could not send it because the address "" given was not legitimate according to the macos mail app. Shameless.
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