Major Packet Loss and Latency

This is more of a plea than a request for technical help.

For the past three months I've been experiencing the same packet loss and jitter issues as so many other forum members. I've gone through all of the standard troubleshooting steps 50x and still no resolution (resets, wire checks, direct computer to modem tests, etc..). My connection has degraded to the point that even late at night, when I used to receive decent service, I'm still experiencing an extremely unstable connection. Note: this is as good as my service gets.

Hardware has all been vetted as well as wiring. Latency graphs show primary failure is between modem and 2nd hop (neighborhood node). Modem power levels shown below; not optimal but in reasonable ranges

Here's where the story gets a little interesting. I filed my first FCC complaint near the end of February; a week later I received an email from the Cox escalation team and BAM, overnight my connection is crystal clear. Better ping than I've ever seen at this address, 2ms jitter, and 0% packet loss. A few weeks later, I wake up one day to find my service has gone back to the stone age and I can barely stay connected to a webex meeting. I've been desperately sending out calls and emails to try and find this magic level that someone pulled to fix my connection. Unfortunately to no avail. Same notes of "someone was dispatched to check out the situation but they didn't update the support ticket", "we'll call you when we have any updates", "over-saturation during the pandemic...".

Cox is the only ISP that offers anything more than 35mb/s at my location. My job is dependent on stable internet. My career is on the line and I can't afford to terminate my lease early and move or rent out an office for the sole purpose of having internet during my 9-5.

Somebody please help