Cox Communications Email Scam

I recently received an email from cox referencing their updated Ultimate Plan. Presented with option 1, keeping my current tier 300mb down 30mb up at my current rate but I have to update my modem. Okay. Option 2, 500mb dowload speed 10mb at my current rate as well but i still have to upgrade modem. Okay. Clicked on cox link of approved modems and purchased one. Upon calling cox decide option one or two and to activate my new modem. The rep tells me my bill is going up $15 with my free upgrade? Its bad enough cox lost the RSN sport networks, if internet goes too im afraid my 15 years+ with cox is over. Very dissapointed in Cox Communications Marketing & Sales customer service.

  • I got the same email.  I wanted to keep my Ultimate Classic 300 (300 down, 30 up).  Per the email I had to call and have them come out and replace my modem with a newer DOCSIS modem  They took my old modem and both of the extenders I had hooked up to two desktops upstairs (one for kid's gaming and the other for work computer that is not allowed to interface via WiFi due to security protocol).

    The techs told me not to buy Cox's pods but go buy MoCA adapters instead.  They enabled MoCA on the modem before they left.  So I went to Best Buy and bought a two-pack of Actiontec MoCA adapters.  Hooked the two computers back ethernet to MoCA and the MoCA coax to the wall.  Had to go into the Gateway to reenable MoCA on the modem.  It keeps automatically getting disabled.

    Was on the phone with tech support today and they said the "new" modem doesn't support MoCA.  I don't understand this if the thing has MoCA capability and I can go into the Gateway to enable it.  It just keeps disconnecting several times throughout the day.

    Now they're telling me I need to buy my own modem and a wireless router in order to use the MoCA adapters for the desktops that need to be hardwired.  Beyond frustrated!  Anyone else having this same problem or know a better way to fix my current situation.  All help appreciated.

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