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Slower Speeds for 2 months

For the past 2 months I have been getting only HALF of what I am paying for. 

Was getting over 300 now getting around 150. 
I was even getting 360 over a year ago.

I have not said anything, but it's becoming a problem when my downloads are taking several hours longer. 

I have the same equipment, I also noticed when I reset my router and set it up, I was getting full speed, then it goes back to half. 
I hate to say it, but is COX throttling my internet? I know they have access to my router.  

If it's something on my part I would like to fix it, but like I said nothing here has changed, just the speeds. 

I thought about upgrading, but why upgrade so I can pay more to get what I am supposed to get now.. 

It's rather aggravating when spend hundreds of dollars on routers, and modems and pay $155.00 a month and getting throttled . 
Please advise.