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Slower Speeds for 2 months

For the past 2 months I have been getting only HALF of what I am paying for. 

Was getting over 300 now getting around 150. 
I was even getting 360 over a year ago.

I have not said anything, but it's becoming a problem when my downloads are taking several hours longer. 

I have the same equipment, I also noticed when I reset my router and set it up, I was getting full speed, then it goes back to half. 
I hate to say it, but is COX throttling my internet? I know they have access to my router.  

If it's something on my part I would like to fix it, but like I said nothing here has changed, just the speeds. 

I thought about upgrading, but why upgrade so I can pay more to get what I am supposed to get now.. 

It's rather aggravating when spend hundreds of dollars on routers, and modems and pay $155.00 a month and getting throttled . 
Please advise. 


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  • There is definitely throttling going on. If ookla or other speedtests are performed they will show faster speeds than when measuring, averaging download speeds from an otherwise unthrottled source. Anyone have suggestions on the best tool to use to prove this case to Cox?   

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