Work From Home/Port Forwarding Issue


Recently my office is having everyone work for home a day or two out of the week to limit the number of people in the office because of COVID. I am having trouble accessing the database for the new ERP we are implementing. After adding my home IP address (it has not changed since they white listed it), I was told by their support to try the telnet command in command prompt to see if the port was blocked (It is not a part of the Cox blocked port list either). I am able to connect just fine when I am in the office (both with ethernet cable and on wifi), but when I go home it didn't work. So, after a little bit of research, I tried using port forwarding to gain access to the port, but it still has not worked. Does anyone have any ideas?

Things I've tried:

  • Having IP address white listed
  • Restarting router
  • Connecting with an ethernet cable
  • Port forwarding

Thank you in advance!