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Sporadic modem drops

I have been experiencing short term (~30 second) disconnects with my modem (Arris SB8200), and have been unable to track down the exact issue. An example of the disconnects can be seen through ping plotter:

I am also getting a large amount of Dynamic range window violations when looking at my modem event log: 

I'm unsure if it could be related to the downstream and upstream powerlevels, as I haven't found any concrete cases that would show this is the problem (the power level dump is in the attached pastebin):SB8200 power level status

I have seen this issue occur across multiple PC's, multiple CAT cables (CAT5e and CAT8) and multiple modems (This issue was evident with the provided panaromic modem/router).  I have also tested by directly connecting to the modem, and by connecting via router (Netgear  r6700v3). If I am connected via router, I see ~30% packet loss between the router and modem.

Now, for the strangest part imo, is that if I am using a VoIP program (i.e Discord) while this occurs, I am able to receive all audio in the chat, but no one is able to hear me.

I am not able to do much in terms of working with the RG6 coming into my home, as I live in a second floor condo and can't find where the cable is actually coming into my house (checked all rooms as well as the attic), so I'm unsure of the actual configuration of splitters throughout the building.

I would love to hear any input as to what might be the issue, or if any steps could be taken to troubleshoot further