My Data Usage bug

We consistently average around 30 GBs per day, but got notified this morning (21 days into the billing cycle) that we are almost 250 GBs over for the month.  After checking My Data Usage, it shows that the average for the first 20 days is consistent, but yesterday (10/03/2020) was 1,090 GBs just for that one day!!!  We were outside almost all day, and didn't stream or download any more than a typical day.  There is clearly a bug w/ Cox's data usage tracking. See below for images of our daily usage as reported by Cox.

Is anyone seeing anything similar?

I've already been on chat w/ two level 1 support reps.  The first one, "Shireida J.", had no clue what I was talking about, said she would create me a ticket, but after about 20 minutes transferred me to another level 1 support rep (without even telling me).  The second one, "Miah D.", verified that a ticket had not been created and had no idea why I was transferred.  

Current month

Previous month

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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  • Update to the community - still no answer from Cox regarding my support ticket.  My billing cycle ended on the 14th.  I requested, at a minimum, that someone from Cox reach out to me before my billing cycle ended to assure my that I wouldn't have to pay the overage, or so I could pay for one of the additional data tiers instead of being charged for overages.  No one called.  #shocking

    Here is the full month of daily usage per the Cox My Data Usage:

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