Strange new screen when trying to access COX webmail regardless of device type

Wow! Today when I try accessing my email on desktop or mobile device, I get a splash screen that says 'Welcome to CCI-RES, R!' And asks for a password. I have not done that. --- Also the web address is now:

Is this legit? Are we infected? (But multiple scanners show nothing.)

  • I had the same screen for a moment,  clicked the back arrow on my browser thinking I had accidentally clicked something.  It then logged me on to view my webmail.  I tried to signout using the icon on the webmail toolbar,  but it just keeps reloading the page.  I had to close out of the browser completely,  Opened up browser again,  clicked my bookmark for Webmail,  logged in like normal,  but it still won't let me sign out.

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