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Daily outages in my area. UNACCEPTABLE

There are daily internet outages in my area (92026) this is unacceptable! I need to work remotely and with 0.5Mbps upload speeds, it is impossible. I pay for 300 down/ 30 up speeds and rarely reach those speeds AND NO it's not my modem and I refuse to reboot the darn thing again! So far I have not seen any credit applied to my account for the lack of service or any notice of when the issues are going to be resolved permanently. You guys are pushing me to get ATT more every day and I hate ATT but this is just wrong. Get it together COX!!!!.

  • I have the same issue and working from home, I have daily conference/Video calls and if my upload is slow then they will not hear or see me well at all. I live in the same Zip as you (Country Club area).  I pay for the same service of 300 down and 30 up.  Been here since Oct 2019.  Been working from home since Mid-March when Covid shutdowns impacted us. Since then I have had no issues with the service up until Mon 6/15. I called Tech support and automated response immediately told me there is a Service Outage in the area.  I got a live agent and she told me the same thing but said they can text me if the outage has been resolved.  Got the text about 4 hours later and checked speeds again.  Upload still less than 1 mbps. Download speeds were normal.  I tried troubleshooting that day with 3 different COX techs online but they all only seemed to want to upsell me higher services because they said my modem (Arris SB8200) is working fine so it must be all the devices (10) i have on my router. 6 of those devices are just smart appliances the rest are 2 laptops and 2 smartphones!  There is just me and my wife in this house! Finally, the 3rd tech after giving me the sales pitch (turned it down again) said that I should at least try out the COX panoramic WiFi modem for $11/month just to see if anything changes.  They said there is no contract and I can return it for prorated credit at any time.  I said can't you just send a Technician out to check my lines?  The Online tech said not unless you have Cox equipment.  So the next day Tues , I went to the Cox store and got me their Technicolor modem.  Hooked it up waited for it to setup and plugged my laptop into it via Ethernet and ran a speedtest.  SAME ISSUE.  Upload speeds less than 1 mbps down.  Download was fine between 270 and 290 mbps. So no change.  I called a LIVE agent again and told her my saga.  She confirmed that they can send out a Tech the next day.  The tech came promptly at 10am and I proceeded to show him my issues (through an open window.)  He confirmed the slow upload (it was 0.07 mbps).  He even told me not to use the Cox Speedtest server that OOKLA usually presents first.  I picked another local server and ran the test.  Stlll less than 1 mbps.  He checked all my outside lines at the drop, my block amplifier since I am far from the Pedestal, and my connection at the pedestal.  He said my lines were fine but the issue is presenting at the pedestal so that means either the pedestal is bad or the neighborhood should be having the issue due to some other pedestal issue upstream.  I informed him that there was an outage on Monday and they said it was fixed.  He said they may have fixed that particular issue but something else may have broken in the process.  He said he will write another ticket but it will be for investigating a neighborhood issue.  He said it should be fixed in a couple of days.  This morning,Thurs 6/18, I noticed a Cox Truck (cherry picker type not the normal Ford Transit Vans the techs use for installations) driving around my neighborhood and it stopped at the pedestal I am connected to.  Not sure what he did since I don't have a clear view of my pedestal from my window.  After he left, I checked my speeds again.  Still slow upload.  Can the any Cox moderator on this site tell me the status of the Ticket that the Cox tech gave me yesterday?  The Ticket number is ESR000003266457.  Would like to know when this issue will be resolved. 

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