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Solution to Cox Port Forwarding!

The solution is there is no solution. As of Fri., May 22, 2020, Cox has removed Port Forwarding from their Panoramic routers and apparently have placed it on The thing is there is absolutely NOWHERE on that site, under your account where Port Forwarding exists. Download the app? It's the exact same thing. It's 100% removed.

Want to discuss it with Cox? Guess what? You have to PAY $10.00/mo just to have the discussion.

So to recap: Cox removes a perfectly-working feature and doesn't put it on the site it says to visit to operate it. Want to go further? You have to pay money to them just for the discussion.

The Solution: Buy your own router where you'll have 100% control over your own settings without big brother monitoring your every move and telling you what you can and can't do.