Download Speed ?????

It seems my speed isn't what it should be. With 150mbps Cox service, I was only getting 30mbps at my pc on wireless. With a hard conn from the modem I got 50mps.

I took my modem and laptop to the cox coax coming into the house and connected directly to that. Multiple speed tests gave 50mbps.

I took my laptop (without modem) to my neighbors (who is on a different street connection) and read 150mbps.

I got Cox out and the tech redid some connections. Now at the Cox coax my laptop reads 80mbps several times, a slight increase. We took the ethernet cable out of my laptop and plugged it into the tech's meter. It read 150mbps several times.

Is there any explanation for this difference?????? If anyone can think of anything, I'd really appreciate it. I feel I'm not getting what I'm paying for from Cox.

It shouldn't be the modem since the same modem was used for my laptop and the tech meter but I'm going to try a new one anyway.

  • If your neighbor has a faster speed package, he will get slightly higher speeds.  If you're doing a test there...the best test is to take your own modem and actual coax cables and ethernet cables to test it there...however, that's annoying cause you may have to call Cox and provision a new MAC and serial number for your modem on your neighbor's account.

    I have Gigablast and have been barely getting a third of the speeds.  I've had the same issues at the Cox box (demarcation point) where my speeds are bad...even after a Cox tech re-wired some stuff.  I hooked up my own new coax to the Cox box and got the same bad speeds.

    Cox's tech meters don't seem to go through the same "traffic pattern" as customers do.  It's similar to speedtests on NETGEARs Apps which will almost always show faster speeds than you're getting.  Their meters also seem to have a dedicated "server" to them back at a Cox main office in the area.  Additionally- I've learned that the Speedtests appear to be measuring how "fast" you can touch the internet, but not the responsiveness of actually accessing and using the internet.

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