Upgraded to GIGABLAST. Disconnection, slow speeds, packet loss problems.


I upgraded to GIGABLAST and the Panoramic Modem/Router wasn't pulling speeds above 200-250mbps. Oftentimes it was within 20-45mbps range both wireless and wired with a CAT 6 cable. I was told to try getting my own modem/router and purchased a Cox certified cable modem a Netgear C7800 Nighthawk modem/router.

The C7800 came with Firmware version V3.01.40 already installed. Cox recommends using version 01.38, but there is no way to access old or new firmware on the Netgear site as it says "Firmware upgrades are pushed down by your ISP." I had a tech support agent try to force a firmware downgrade, but it failed. The next day I was told by Cox & Netgear that is was the other's issue until I go them on the phone together and the Cox agent said he would resolve it. He told me having 01.40 wouldn't be an issue.

-Will this be an issue going forward having 01.40 vs 01.38? Slow speed, packet loss, losing connection, etc.
-How will I receive updates in the future?

I also had a 2nd tech come to the house and inform me that there was low level loss coming from the Node which is overloaded and it would be addressed in 24-48 hours. Is the NODE the issue? I.E. packet loss, slow speeds, losing connection etc. Or is the firmware the issue or both?

Thanks in advance!