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COX admits they are having slowness issues

After more than 3 hours on two separate chats due to my gigablast speed dropping from 800Mbps+ during the day down to 150Mbps every evening and having my daughters zoom meetings drop several time as she's trying to take her college courses form home, the second representative i talked to finally stated that they are having issues across the board with speeds. This is after I performed all the troubleshooting tasks and them initially telling me that the problem was with my gear and they wouldn't send out anybody to look at it. 

Excerpt directly from the second chat:

Message from Agent.
Please be advised, that there is also a known issue for slow speeds that is impacting all customers across all markets. 

I will also make bold notes of this for you on the account to initiate a call back.  

Message from Agent.

We are actively working to have that slow speed issue resolved though. 

Message from Agent.

We know customers are severely impacted. 

This is from the first chat:

I and my supervisor are not convinced of exactly what the issue is. We can not send a technician because the signal levels all look so good and the issue seems to be on your end. But to be safe we would like to get you a new modem just to rule that out as the problem. Are you able to go by a Cox Solutions store tomorrow and swao modems?

As you can see, instead of admitting that the issue even existed, the technician was instructed by his/her manager to tell me, the customer, that it was my fault. Not until I mentioned that I would have

My question to everyone out there on Cox and to Cox itself is two fold:

  1. Is anyone else experiencing this on their connections, specifically in the evening time.
  2. Why doesn't Cox post on their support website that due to the Coronvirus and the impact it is having in regards to everyone being home and online, they are experiencing congestion on their network which could impact customers speeds.

Is it not worse to have it found out that you are hiding information from your customers and flat out blaming them for the issues instead of being honest to your customer base?

Very disappointing as personally I'd rather stay with a company that is having issue but being honest with it rather than a dishonest one. Just makes you wonder what else they are lying to everyone about.

Thanks for listening.

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