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Horrible Intermittent Lag Spikes when online gaming

For the past 3-4 weeks I have been experiencing horrible lag spikes when gaming, browsing internet or even streaming

I have called Cox over 15 times, spoke to higher-ups, had 4 technicians come by, upgraded my modem+router+power unit + coaxial splitter and so much more to no avail. This has become horrendous to the point of potentially considering switch ISPs. 

Does anyone have any information on a potential fix coming? From everyone I spoke to at Cox over the phone, there seems to be no ETA on a fix. Apparently a node in my area is over-saturated and causing 80% packet loss... WHICH IS CRAZY BAD!!! 

Note: I am in Southern Orange County, California.

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  • just report it to the FCC.  these guys at the top (managers/supervisors) are vultures.  they need a push from outside force to make them spit out the truth and compensate for our hard earn money.  we pay a hefty price for a service and when that service cannot be delivered then we, as customers, should be compensated.  Those who do not complain or seek out the problem with them are just getting their money eaten up by these vultures.  I am getting 10 Mbps most of the time when I pay for 150Mbps.  Can't even work from home or do anything else when it fluctuates like that.

    FCC link:

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