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Suspicious Activity Again and Again and Again

I have been a COX customer for 23 years. Until the last year I doubt  that I encountered a single problem with password and/or suspicious activity. For the last year or so, more and more and more of my routine regular email has been showing up as "Spam" and marked accordingly. I didn't pay a lot of attention to this other than curiosity as to why it was happening. I simply opened the email, marked it as "Not Spam" and went on. In June I had the first suspicious activity event occur. As instructed I went in and changed passwords on the account. Then as usual it took hours and hours and hours to sync the new password up with my email program (MacMail). Eventually, I managed to get things properly "talking" to each other. All went well until Wednesday or Thursday of last week. I received a very strange email that portended to be from COX. The heading looked odd and the body of the email was blank. Thinking this was a phishing email I called COX. .When I called about that odd email I was told that for my own security I should change my password. Knowing the misery I went through the prior change I elected to not change it since I felt that it was an excellent secure password. The next morning my cox account was shut down. Keep in mind that the body of the suspicious email was blank. I now find out that it should have been populated with an explanation and notice that my account would be shut down if I did not change password. It did not so I did not know...... I went through the process of changing passwords 5 or 6 times but nothing seemed to work. I called COX for help. That began a non-stop six hour torture activity being transferred from one department to the next. Each time I had to re-explain the problem......each time had to go through the "change password dance." In the end each party passed me on to another. For six hours this went on. I lost an entire day of work, suffered a low blood sugar and heart problems because I could not leave the phone without a disconnect. Six hours with no resolution. At the end I still am unable to send emails from my primary COX account. I have been told that the reason my account was shut down was for suspicious spam activity from my sending ISP. That is absurd. I have sent two requests to "" with no results or even a contact to explain why I am being treated this way after 23 years.........Would someone PLEASE tell me how to get my sending ISP unblocked so I can send emails.......Would someone please explain why this is happening.......Would someone please explain how to stop it. .........In short after 23 years is it to much to ask for and receive some ASSISTANCE..........................THANK YOU