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email with my own domain name

I have a domain name already registered. I would like to have an email address that is like this: "my name @ my domain".  and then have emails that go to THAT email box forwarded to my email.  How do I go about doing that?


  • You have different options. Well first you can pay someone to host your email other then Cox. Have them host your email, do the DNS and everything and then just forward all your email to your Resi email.

    If you want Cox to do it you would have to open up a Cox Business account and ask them to create a zone file for your domain in Cox's DNS and then set the MX to Then its just a matter of creating user accounts in Cox's mail server for your domain. Then forward that email to some addresses. You would need a Cox business account AND a residental account with data put into seasonal to keep the email active. But if your going to go through the trouble of getting Cox Business and having your domain, then I don't see the point of forwarding it to a email TBO. 

  • Actually, I found a way to do it for free. I googled a version of my question and found a step-by-step tutorial on getting it done, for free, through Microsoft Outlook.

  • Would you mind posting those instructions for anyone that has the question and comes across this post? Thanks