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Goodbye forum and question.

These will be my last few weeks on Cox as I am moving to a place with FIOS. Just wanted to say I have enjoyed posting here and reading the posts of the regulars. I hope this forum continues to grow and provide a support option for it's customers.

My question is how long after canceling will the username I login into this forum be deactivated? Immediately?

  • I wanted to report my negative experience I had with Cox while calling up to cancel my account. I called the number suggested by chat for canceling service, which routed me to their retention department. My first mistake. The representative had me on hold multiple times trying to check if Cox fiber(FTTP) was available in the area when it was quite obviously not. Then he tried to sell me on Gigablast(DOCSIS), which has a similar download speed of fiber. I was not fooled and know the difference. The whole call left a bad taste in my mouth. 

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