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Outgoing Email Issue

Since updating my profile and changing the password on one of my cox email accounts, I have been having issues with sending email with .jpeg attachments to my cell phone and also to my friends that use Gmail or Yahoo mail.

Prior to making those requested changes, everything was working find, my cell phone would receive the cox emails with the .jpeg attachments as SMS/MMS text messages with no issues for many years. My friends on Yahoo mail and Gmail would receive those same cox emails with the .jpeg attachments with no issues either, but after I made those cox requested changes, no one is getting my emails with the .jpeg attachments.

I can send regular cox emails  with no attachments to a cell phone and to my friends on Yahoo mail and Gmail with no issues, just can't send them with .jpeg attachments. 

Something with cox email has changed and it's for the worse. Anyone else with the same issue?

BTW - I am using cox webmail. 

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