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High Ping & Packet Loss - Confirmed Cox is Throttling

I have had cox for 6 months now, have the 150 down plan. The first 4 months I have zero connectivity problems, zero ping problems, and zero packet loss issues.

Starting exactly two months ago on a Saturday morning I started getting extreme pings while playing games. Every time I had a ping spike in game, my discord would also go red and showed extreme ping and my friends could no longer hear me. These ping spikes affect every application at the same time, so I have already ruled out a specific game server issue. I am also playing on a computer which is connected via Ethernet directly into the router.

Since it first started happening, I have had bad ping spikes every single day and will get significantly worse the later the day goes on. It's gotten so bad that I actually can't play games anymore. 

Before the ping issues started, my in game ping was always a consistent 38-40 ping, never any fluctuations. Now the best my ping gets in game is 75-80 ping. With ping spikes every 15-30 seconds to 100-140 ping. When it's later in the night ping will have really bad spikes to 150-200 ping.

I have now had 4 Cox tech guys out to my house and claim their is no issue (BS). I had been using Cox's panoramic router/modem combo and they even replaced it twice. Still didn't fix the issue, so then I bought my own modem and router (Netgear CM1200 modem, RAX80 router) and still have the same packet loss issue. 

So I downloaded pingplotter and let it run for hours. It shows I constantly have packet loss and at times extreme packet loss. It starts at hop 1 when testing directly through modem and hop 2 when testing Ethernet directly to router.