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Panoramic wifi

So a few months ago we upgraded to Coz panoramic wifi because we could not get a good signal to our Ring doorbell. When the guy came to install he said oh this is big house. Um our house is just over 1400sf so not big by any means. We had it installed in the room where old modem was which is actually furthest from the front door. But didn't see a difference for the door bell , so we moved it to the center of the house, and but now its as bad as it ever was. So we are paying more for panoramic for what purpose? 

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  • Had to post this, I had the same problem, got the Panoramic modem last week, great signal all over the house. but wanted better, got three PODS, they connected easy, But our devices would not connect to them. and we lost signal with the router/modem. chatted with sever tech, finally. after many try's, here is what happen,   Removed all pods from app, rebooted modem,  Plugged all PODS in at once; went to the first one and set it up. when to the 2nd and set it up as if it was the 1st pod, then the 3rd the same way, then went back and renamed them. got a good signal. the directions on the app did not help me that much. hope this will maybe help some one. I was about ready to take this back to the store in the morning.