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Download speed ridiculously slow.

My package is the 150 mb/s download speed and up to 10 upload speed. The good news is my upload speed is frequently around 8-9 mb/s. The bad news is that my download speed is around 2-3 mb/s. That's right, it usually hangs around 2.7 mb/s. The other bad news is that 9 times out of 10, download speed is what you need over upload speed. I have gotten a new router and have done the signal reset thing and nothing is working. This is ridiculous and I cannot even watch a whole netflix movie without it freezing. 

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  • You should have Cox test the signal strength to your modem.  If poor signal strength is not the cause, you may have a damaged patch cable somewhere that's causing your connection to be unstable.  To determine if that's the reason for your slow download, try connecting your modem directly to your computer with a new Cat5E or Cat6 cable and re-test your speed.  Please post back your results.

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