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Another False Error When Using Cox myemail webmail

I'm so tired of getting email errors.     Does anyone in Cox Management know about all of these errors that customers are having?     

Here's the latest:

I'm using to compose and send a new email.      If I send the email shown here without the link in the email it will send successfully.     When I add the link shown below to the email it then fails with a "CSXNDR" error.

According to the Cox web site the error message means this:

CXSNDR There was a problem with the sender's domain. Your email failed authentication checks against your sending domain's SPF, DomainKeys, or DKIM policy.

I'm using Cox myemail in a browser (I've tried 3 different types of browsers) so it's not an SMTP connection issue.    What is the problem with me sending an email this time????????

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